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Twin Slot Shelving

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  • Twin Slot Uprights

    Twin Slot Uprights

    Available as the following

    • 170mm - White/Brown - Code: DU170
    • 430mm - White/Brown - Code: DU430
    • 710mm - White/Brown - Code: DU710
    • 1000mm - White/Brown - Code DU1000
    • 1220mm - White/Brown - Code: DU1220.
    • 1600mm - White/Brown - Code: DU1600
    • 1900mm - White/Brown - Code: DU1980
    • 2400mm - White/Brown - Code: DU2400

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  • Twin Slot Medium Duty Bracket

    Twin Slot Medium Duty Bracket


    • 370mm


    • White/Brown


    • 167Kg


    • DMDB 370

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  • Twin Slot Heavy Duty Bracket

    Twin Slot Heavy Duty Bracket

    Available in following sizes, colours etc:

    • 370mm - White/Brown - Load: 340Kg - Code: DHB370
    • 470mm - White/Brown - Load: 345Kg - Code: DHB470
    • 610mm - White/Brown - Load: 420Kg - Code: DHB610

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  • Twin Slot Slanting Bracket  24°

    Twin Slot Slanting Bracket 24°

    • 180mm - White - Load: 75Kg - Code: DSB180
    • 230mm - White - Load: 75Kg - Code: DSB230
    • 280mm - White - Load: 75Kg - Code: DSB280
    • 370mm - White - Load: 75Kg - Code: DSB370
    • 480mm - White - Load: 75Kg - Code: DSB480

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  • Shelf End

    Shelf End

    Sold in handed pairs, this product doubles up as a support bracket and a book end in one. A particularly useful item where a short single bank of shelving is required and or library applications, for use with MFC board or similar. The product is avaialbe lin bth White and Brown. This product is available in 3 sizes:

    • 150mm x 150mm (Load: 450Kg)
    • 200mm x 120mm (Load: 495Kg)
    • 250mm x 150mm (Load: 595Kg)

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  • The Flexible Book End

    The Flexible Book End

    The spring loaded book end simply clips into the twin slotted upright to secure in place for the retention of books etc. Available in 3 sizes with a white or brown finish:

    • 150 x 120mm
    • 200 x 120mm
    • 250 x 120mm

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  • Universal Book End

    Universal Book End

    This product is designed to provide book support at any point on a shelf 15mm to 18mm thick by simply pushing over the shelf edge. Available in 3 different sizes in a finish of white or brown.

    • 150 x 150mm
    • 200 x 200mm
    • 250 x 250mm

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  • Free Standing Book End

    Free Standing Book End

    Can be fixed to timber shelves through screw holes provided if desired. For use on any shelf. Available in 3 sizes in white or brown finish

    • 150 x 150mm
    • 200 x 200mm
    • 250 x 250mm

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  • Reinforced Shelf Bracket

    Reinforced Shelf Bracket

    Reinforced Shelf Bracket providing light to medium support strength. Available in 4 different sizes and in a white finish.

    • 100 x 75mm
    • 150 x 125mm
    • 200 x 150mm
    • 250 x 200mm

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  • Mitred Shelf Bracket

    Mitred Shelf Bracket

    Mitred Single Shelf Bracket providing stronger heavy duty support. Available in 4 sizes in a white finish.

    • 200 x 200mm (Load: 100Kg)
    • 250 x 250mm (Load: 68Kg)
    • 300 x 300mm (Load: 58Kg)
    • 350 x 350mm (Load: 45Kg)

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